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Past students of the MSLS programme talk about what they are doing now and offer some thoughts on what they learnt at BTH...

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Alaya Boisvert (Canada) Sustainability Associate, The Natural Step Canada

"My year in Karlskrona proved to be a dynamic, challenging, illuminating and inspiriting experience. Together with 60 people from across the globe, I discovered a new way of looking at humanity's impact on social and ecological systems, and strategic approaches to building lasting solutions. The combination of developing lifelong friendships and gaining skills to apply sustainable development in pursuit of transformational change made the MSLS program an unparalleled experience."

kim e pic
Kimberly Edwards
(Canada). Balancing my life between working at a local cafe, trading my time for my practice at a yoga studio, freelance writing and connecting with family and friends.

"Honestly, the program and the life that comes with it challenged me in my entirety, nudging me out of comfort zones that I didn't even know I had, and gently opening me up to an entirely new journey towards a sustainable planet."

tracy lydiatt croppedTracy Lydiatt (Canada). Sustainable Development Project Leader - Hatch Associates Pty, Perth Australia

"This special program in Sweden was like a homecoming for me. It was a gift to be completely enveloped into sustainability education with such a caring and supportive network of like-minded people. The program challenged me to expand my thinking and develop skills important to being a successful sustainability leader. The value of this experience is an enduring legacy that exists daily for me."


Brendan Moore (USA) Programme Assistant at the master in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

"The MSLS program was an amazing opportunity to work directly on our society's sustainability challenges with colleagues who share my passion for creating a better future.  The knowledge I gained and the friendships I made in the program will be valuable for a lifetime."




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Julia Ribeiro Pereira (Brazil). Director at Instituto Ecoar.

"It was a changing life experience in all senses, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. To me the biggest pearl of it is the network of fantastic people (alumni and staff) that contributed, and continue to do so, to providing me limitless amount of inspiration to work with sustainability differently: being in really fun and very effective."








Erin pic

Erin Romanchuk (Canada). Currently at the WWF Danube Carpathian Programme on Freshwater Communication

"The MSLS program changed me by opening my eyes to a whole other world where being sustainable is possible in every sphere - social, economic, ecologic. Not only did it educate and empower me, it also improved my interpersonal skills and highlighted the importance of relationships and the concept of co-creating your world."

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Karen Stroebel (Canada). Consultant at Jacques Whitford Ltd

"An indescribable experience that empowered us all with tools and life-long friends. I'm still unfolding the layers of benefits this program has gifted me with!"




Marco Valente (Italy). Programme Assistant at the master in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability

" A great experience that gave me a sense of possibility to work together creating lasting change for a better world. I am very thankful for the opportunity to meet an amazing class of like minded peers, and for the opportunity to operate more effectively in this world."

freekFreek van der Pluijm (The Netherlands) CSR and sustainability consultant at Between-us

"My year in Karlskrona has been one of deep learning, empowerment, creativity and joy. As a group we have been able to create the safe space in which meaningful transformation takes place through learning-by-doing, creating desired futures and looking beyond imaginary boundaries. I have made friendships for life and learned how to take the steps necessary to develop a more sustainable society. It was the best thing for me to do at this point in life and am very grateful for having had this opportunity."

Shawn W pic
Shawn Westcott
Director of Marketing and Communications, The AtKisson Group

"The MSLS Program was about creating opportunity to realize our potential as individulas and a class. With an amazing and enterprising group of classmates, we were given the opportunity to interact with and leverage a unique and diverse global network in order to truly become engaged in the sustainability movement."




YeYanYe Yan (Sweden) Development Engineer at Sapa Heat Transfer AB
in Sweden

"One year in Sweden was a life changing and enriching experience for me. I really apprectiate that I have met so many great friends from all over the world by the MSLS programme, and they are so energetic and inspiring. Thanks to the programme that provided me with professional and strong academic knowledge, which contributes significantly to my career and personal development."



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