Alumni reflections and updates

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Past students of the MSLS programme talk about what they are doing now and offer some thoughts on what they learnt at BTH...

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Kerly AcostaKerly Acosta (Canada). Researcher of environmental applications for green roofs and living walls at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.




BirteBirte Berlemann (Germany).

"Being in Sweden with people from all over the world opened me more to the idea of living abroad"





Ron DurginRon Durgin (United States). Fundraise and Campaign for Greenpeace

"The MSLS program taught me the fundamentals of sustainability, the business case for sustainable development, and strategies for working with decision-makers once they buy-in to sustainability"




Scott G pic

Scott Grierson
Regional Sustainability Principal, Parsons Brinckerhoff; Director, The Natural Step (Australia); PhD Candidate, Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University

"My time is Karlskrona was an important foundation in looking at ways to support change towards sustainability, in addition to understanding the fundamental drivers and opportunities inherent in doing so. The strategic component to this was especially valuable in that it makes sure that behaviour and action is consistent with a long term vision and scientifically supported understanding of what makes life possible and worthwhile."

KrisoffKristoffer Lundholm (Sweden). Design researcher at Business & Design Lab and (previously) sustainable innovation advisor at Forum for the Future.

"The combination of systems thinking, strategic planning and organizational change is a package that I would recommend to anyone who wishes to work with sustainable innovation in business or public sector."


Archie KasnetArchie Kasnet (United States). Strategic Communicator at a PR Firm in Boston, USA.

"I have found myself well-equipped to envision success and propose concrete steps towards building a sustainable economy"



Renee LazarowichRenee Lazarowich (Canada). Natural Resources Canada





Amity LumperAmity Lumper (United States). Consultancy firm in Seattle, USA





Laura McKay 2008Laura MacKay (Canada). Co-founder of Treadlight Media.

"The year in Karlskrona was an important step in my journey as a leader, bringing sustainability to a tangible and achievable level. International colleagues, whom I met while studying, continue to inspire me through their contributions to our commonly-held vision."




SyalizaSyaliza "Siti" Mustapha (Malaysia). Malaysian Timber Council







Alvaro Pureza Alvaro Pureza (Brazil). Promon, a civil engineering firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

"With a strategic framework in place, I can make a real difference and begin to manage the complexity of the task of bringing sustainability issues into the company's strategic planning"




Renaud Richard 2008Renaud Richard (France). Co-Director for The Natural Step France.

"The MSLS programme played a vital role in my ability to understand and live sustainability from a systemic and strategic perspective: I'm now far more efficient when engaging individuals and organisations from wherever they stand"




BennyBenny Sindowe (Zambia). Senior Human Resources Officer at the Zambia Electricity Company.






Tomomi TakadaTomomi Takada (Japan). Involved in the first eco-village in Japan.

"A year in BTH was a really exciting experience for me, not only learning about sustainability from new perspectives, but also working and exchanging ideas with classmates from all over the world from various backgrounds"




Jenniffer WoofterJennifer Woofter (United States). Founder of Strategic Sustainability Consulting in Maryland, US.

"Looking back I realize that a real treasure of my year in Sweden was my classmates.  I'm happy to say that I've kept up with many of them, and frequently draw on their advice and expertise.  I'm so glad we're out in the world together!"


Heather Worosz 2008Heather Worosz (Canada). Programme Leader, The Natural Step Academy, The Natural Step International.

"The MSLS program was a life changing experience for me, opening my eyes to systems thinking and a real understanding of what is needed to work towards sustainability. Since leaving the program, I feel grateful to have become part of a growing global Community of Practice of strategic sustainability thinkers and doers."



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