Alumni reflections and updates

Past students of the MSLS programme talk about what they are doing now and offer some thoughts on what they learnt at BTH...

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Zaid 2008Zaid E. Azaizeh (Jordan). Infrastructure Design Engineering in an Engineering Consulting Firm.

"BTH to me means Broaden The Horizons.. horizons of your thoughts, horizons of your social circle, horizons of your knowledge, broaden by living, broaden by experience, broaden by interacting with others.. that's what I feel BTH gave to me through its MSLS program"


Richard Blume 2008Richard Blume (Australia). Senior Advisor, The Natural Step International.

"Sweden was an unknown quantity for me but I knew it had progressive policies on sustainability and social issues. What I've discovered is just how far they've come. Moreover, I discovered a programme that is truly unique and a group of people with the potential to change the world."


Tamara 2008

Tamara Connell (Canada). Programme Director. Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

"The MSLS programme helped me to solidify not only my understanding of sustainability, but also my desire to help others make positive changes towards a sustainable society. It was an experience that I value unlike any other."


Alexandra Chuvarayan 2008Alexandra Chuvarayan (Russia). Expert in Renewable energy sources in RAO UES (Russian Unified Energy Systems), a governmental organisation.

"MSLS was that driving force which made me realise that a single individual can really change the world"


Melanie Dubin 2008Melanie Dubin (USA). Sustainability coordinator at a construction consulting firm.

"The MSLS program provided me with tools to understand, communicate, and implement sustainability to many different audiences, and more valuably, experience working with and learning from inspiring, intelligent people from around the world"

Georges D cropped
Georges Dyer
Senior Fellow, Second Nature; Partner, Aedi Group.

"The MSLS program 'tied it all together' for me after years of trying to build the requisite experience to become a sustainability expert.  The content, the network, the modes of thinking, feeling, and interacting, and most importantly the people gave me the confidence and support I needed to help bring about the dramatic progress towards sustainability that humanity so urgently needs."

Michelle d pic 2b

Michelle Dyer (Canada/USA). Vice President, Second Nature.

"The understanding I gained from the MSLS program - on sustainability, leading profound change, and working in diverse groups of people - has been extremely valuable.  I can't imagine working in the sustainability field without having had the experience."



Frederick 2008Frederick Ebeneku-Anim (Ghana). Group Special Asset Manager [GSAM] with Standard Chartered Bank.

"The MSLS program offered me the opportunity to belong to a group with culturally diverse backgrounds with each one bringing something unique from their countries to share with others"


Ingrid 2008Ingrid Jacobson (United States). Housing and Solar Project Manager. Northern California Land Trust


"The program was so many things. But most of all an opportunity for a real mind shift, the kind of mind shift that is required to change the world."

Miriam 2008Miriam Karell (USA). Founder of Three Point Vision, a sustainability consulting business.

"The MSLS program approaches education in a completely novel manner than most programs in the US: it teaches you primarily sustainability and weaves in business management, organizational learning, leadership and engineering"

Cesar 2008Cesar Levy-França (Brazil). Sustainability consultant promoting cooperation agreements among Brazilian organizations.

"The MSLS Programme challenges the mind, stimulates creativity and cooperation"



Kate MaddiganKate Madiggan (Canada). Management Biologist for the Ontario Government.

"MSLS helped me gain confidence and improved my critical thinking skills - and I especially appreciate the the community of sharing and co-learning that has continued well beyond the program"


Rachelle 2008Rachelle McElroy (Canada). Founder of greenBIZstrategies.

"In the Masters in Strategic Leadership Towards Sustainability (MSLS) programme I learned to be entrepreneurial, to create and to be committed to something without knowing how it will turn out. It was a power experience of diversity and profound inspiration"

Mauricio 2008Mauricio Mira (Costa Rica). Founder of Equilibrium Consulting Group.

"The MSLS Programme has made me a real change agent, for which I will be forever grateful"



Andrew O pic

Andrew Outhwaite (Australia). Sustainability Officer, Geraldton, Western Australia; Founder, Arising.

"The MSLS program appealed to me because I knew I needed to become smarter, more strategic and creative to better serve the human and ecological communities in Western Australia. This need was absolutely fulfilled by MSLS, and I have learned more, been more transformed, and received more support than I could have imagined."

Chris Walker 2008Chris Walker (Canada). Teacher at St. Lawrence College in Ontario, Canada in the Energy Systems Technology programme.

"The MSLS experience simplified and clarified the challenge of how to assess human activities for their effects on sustainability"




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