Alumni reflections and updates

Past students of the MSLS programme talk about what they are doing now and offer some thoughts on what they learnt at BTH...

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Antoine 2008Antoine Belaieff (Canada). Senior Advisor, Planning and Policy for Metrolinx.

"The year in Sweden was transformational. I anchored my professional knowledge to a strong sustainability framework and discovered a truly progressive country with a group of diverse and talented students."


Heidi 2008 Heidi Blankenship (United States). Founder of Strategic Sustainability Associates, a consulting business.

"The program helped me to look at the problems we face today from a holistic perspective, and gave me the tools I needed to make change in my community"


Sarah Brooks 2008Sarah Brooks (Canada). Sustainability Advisor for TNS Canada.

"The BTH MSLS program helped me to access, understand and apply something desperately needed in the world today - a holistic, practical and applicable framework for sustainability."


Jonas 2008Jonas Lagneryd (Sweden). Founder and CEO. CARD.COOP

"Thanks to the system approach, which I consider to be the backbone of the programme, planning for sustainability becomes tangible. It helps me navigate more easily both in my professional and private life."





Anne Morgan 2008Anne Morgan (United States). Senior consultant at Sustainable Business Consulting in Seattle, USA.

"I came to the programme with the goal of using my master's degree to change the direction of my career. I achieved that, and also met some of my best friends for life."



Steven Muzzy 2008Steven Muzzy (United States). Programme Manager at Second Nature, in Boston, USA.

"The MSLS program bestowed upon me the greatest 10-month experience of my life! For me, the programs most important attribute is that it allows for a collaborative learning environment with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds!"

tonyTony Thompson (United States). PhD Student at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

"I came to the MSLS programme expecting to stay in Sweden for one year. After finishing my master's, however, I continued to be so intrigued -- by both the programme content and the people -- that I decided to stick around and work on a Ph.D."

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