Guiding Philosophy/ Programme Goals/ Learning Process/ Curriculum Content/ References

Learning Process

The MSLS learning environment is designed to be an intimate and supportive space to learn about sustainability, practice leadership and build the relationships that will support our future work. A non-traditional educational setting with experiential and holistic learning methods is what the programme seeks to provide.

The delivery of the curriculum follows a spiral learning approach, beginning with an overview of core concepts and followed by progressively deeper consideration and application of the concepts later on through a self-directed learning approach. The programme is structured to provide leadership opportunities and move progressively from learning the "rules of the game" (period 1) to "playing the game" (periods 2, 3 and 4). This means that as the year progresses the program is less instructor-led and more student-led where students direct their learning towards their own needs and tap the collective wisdom of the group via project work.

Class discussing

The last four and a half months (periods 3 and 4) are devoted primarily to a major project, where students work in small groups and use their knowledge of the SSD framework to apply it to an actual business, community or other project and produce a final thesis.

The programme involves different learning methods such as lectures, group work, case studies, individual and group assignments, presentations, workshops, seminars, field trips and more. There is a strong emphasis on an open and interactive environment, peer-learning, and a collegial coaching relationship between instructors and learners.

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