Advanced Societal Leadership (Elective)

The Advanced Societal Leadership course is project-driven and has a dual purpose.  The first is to study various topics in order to understand their role in helping organisations and communities achieve transformational change for sustainability.  Topics to explore include, for example, networks, the arts, social marketing, amongst others. The second is to practice developing and delivering an educational experience on topics related to strategic sustainable development and transformational change.

In your journey as a sustainability change agent you will likely be requested to explain the relevance of certain concepts to strategic sustainable development and provide advice on how these concepts can be applied to an organisation's sustainability change effort, e.g. "we are using community based social marketing, how does this relate to what you're talking about?", "I saw a really interesting mural the other day, how do you think the arts could be applied to our sustainability change efforts?", "I work in media, how could I best support sustainability?", etc.  This course allows learners to jointly explore these questions with peers, in order to prepare for these real-life experiences. (7,5 ECTS credits).

Scheduled lecture hours:  5 - 7 hours/week.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • Describe processes of change in complex systems
  • Recognise differing approaches to leadership within organizations and communities.
  • Apply some tools for working with others in group work and collaborative settings
  • Describe the role of leadership in coping with change, energizing action and providing inspiration for transformational change towards sustainability.
  • Apply the strategic sustainable development (SSD) approach to assess and analyse concepts for transformational change and identify their usefulness.
  • Develop and deliver an educational experience on a topic related to transformational change for sustainability.

Course Responsible: Merlina Missimer, Marco Valente

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