Class Guests

Each year the MSLS class brings a wealth of personal connections from around the world and the programme team encourages students to make good use of them by arranging 'webinars' through use of BTH's IT capabilities, and on rarer occasions direct visits to Karlskrona.

These arrangements are student-led and reflect the interests, popular demand and learning needs of each class. They are coordinated with the programme team but generally take place outside scheduled class times, particularly during study periods 3 & 4 (January - June). BTH supports these initiatives but it is the resourcefulness of each MSLS class that determines their scope and makes them happen.

Past guests of MSLS classes have included:

  • Morgan Williams, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, New Zealand
  • Joe Laur - Society for Organizational Learning
  • Sara Parkin - Founder, Forum for the Future, UK
  • Sylvie Van Brabant - Executive Producer and Director, Rapide Blanc, Canada
  • Tim O'Riordan - UK Sustainable Development Commission
  • Tanja Rebel - Karlskrona Sustainable Cities Network
  • Bill Reed - Integrative Design Collaboration, USA
  • Hazel Henderson - author, futurist, evolutionary economist, columnist
  • Peter Robinson - CEO, David Suzuki Foundation
  • Advisors from The Natural Step network in 11 countries
  • MSLS Alumni
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