Completed Theses, Class of 2011

Sustainable Microfinance Oluwafunmilayo A. Akinosi, Alejandro Turbay, Daniel Nordlund

A Facilitating Platform for Energy & Climate Change Programs - A Case within Municipalities in Southeast Sweden Rajeev Akireddy, Yuan Zhi, Evelyne Lyatuu

Increasing Participation in Social Enterprise: A Strategic Development Approach for the Developing World Charlotte Asiedu, Kristina Byrne, Ana Maria Corena Garcia

Cultivating personal leadership capacities to facilitate collaboration in Strategic Sustainable Development Christopher Baan, Phil Long, Dana Pearlman

Small Island Developing States: Using the MSI for Strategic Sustainable Development Gabriela Boscio, Xavier Koenig, Natalie Mebane

Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Support of Strategic Sustainable Development Chen Chen Gu,Telma Gomes, Victor Samuel Brizuela

Designing an Organisation to Activate Cross-sectoral Mass Collaboration Towards Sustainability Andrew Campbell, Jovin Hurry, Maja Zidov

Embedding socio-ecological sustainability into impact investor due diligence Gustavo Correia, Nathaniel Koloc, Naomi Smith

Integrating Participatory Processes in Planning for Strategic Sustainable Development Alison Cretney, Steven Cretney, Tracy Meisterheim

Solutions From Above: Using Rooftop Agriculture to Move Cities Towards Sustainability Nina Danielsson, Joshua Foss, Aaron Quesnel

Moving Towards Sustainable Food Consumption: Identifying Barriers to Sustainable Student Diets James Ede, Sophie Graine, Chris Rhodes

The Green Light towards Sustainability: Embedding Sustainability into a Branded Design Company Reed Evans, Ricardo Garcia Guerra, Myriam Schaefer, Isabella Wagner

Cultivating a Food Movement: Slow Food USA's Role in Moving Society Towards Sustainability Maja Feldman, Allison Kingfisher, Cindy Sundborg

A Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD) Approach for Executing Vision 2050 Sara Flores Carreño, Tamar Harel, Carmelina Macario

Opportunity from Catastrophe: A Strategic Approach to Sustainability through Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning (Pre-DRP) Danielle Hiscock, Alicia Livitt, Kirstin Piirtoniemi

Strategic Methods in Community Engagement for UNESCO Biosphere Reserves Kellee Jackson, Pierre Johnson, Melinda Jolley

Decision Making for Strategic Sustainable Development in Selected Swedish Ecovillages Kirill Kazbekov, Merve Titiz, Delfin Yilmaz

Integrating Strategic Sustainable Development into Assessing and Following up Suppliers in Procurement Practices Lilli McCubbin, Romina Busto Ibarra, Sebastian Tschuschke

How the Pacific Northwest Could Be Won - Overcoming Barriers to Growing Food in Yards Tara McNerney, Maarten Dankers, Luke Callahan

Contributing to a Transition towards a Sustainable Society: Education Matters Kim Davis, Changkun Shen, Aymeric Maratea


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