Completed Theses, Class of 2012

How to Apply the Templates for Sustainable Product Development - Support for Sustainability Practitioners Sara Regio Candeias, Rachael Gould, Anton Valkov

Mind the Gap! Strategically Driving GRI Reporting Towards Sustainability Edwin Janssen, Rutger Verkouw, Selene Kfoury 

Neighbourhood Hubs: Engaging Communities for Sustainability Charlotte Gurr, Sarah Rose Robert, Adrienne McCurdy

Teachers and Students: Engagement in education towards a sustainable society Melinda Varfi, Sebastiaan Van Zaanen, Emma Fancett

Addressing the Barriers to Regional Electric Vehicle Projects through Stakeholder Engagement Kareisa Hidy, Nathalie Nathe, Maryam Javanmashmool

Social Actions of Strategic Sustainable Development JingJing Guo, Hamideh Farzaneh, Anthony Guido

Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst to Increase Equality in South Africa Irene Chikumbo, Taryn Tate, Ahmet Eren Ozturk

Co-creating a sustainability strategy in a Product/Service-System value-based network of stakeholders Adria Garcia Mateu, Petronella Tyson, Li Zhe

Strategic Acquisition of Innovative Companies Moving Corporations towards Sustainability Benoit Guyot, Katarina Wikström, Seyedeh Nafiseh Mousavi Rad

Cultivating the Social Field: Strategically moving Urban Agricultural Projects towards Sustainability Ashley Courtney, Brendan McShane, Ella Wiles

Areas of Inquiry: Guiding FSSD practitioners at the beginning of a change initiative towards sustainability Amy Mireault, Michaela Hogenboom, Thaela Stolz

Strategy and Sustainability Awareness in the Danish Fourth Sector Solveig Zophoniasdottir, Stuart Filshie, Cassandra Carswell, Yvette Osinga

Leverage Points for Broader Diffusion of the FSSD Irena Efremovska, Scott Perret, Sijme Geurts

Community Mapping & Strategic Sustainable Development: Navigating Towards A Sustainable Future William Paton, Charlotte Schou, Christina Boldero

Public Engagement and Participation in Municipalities - Adding Meaning to Planning and Decision Making Processes for a Collaborative Journey Towards Sustainability Elias Kindle, Michael Wzdulski, Christina Sieber

Religion & Sustainability: The Contribution of Religious Belief in Moving Society Towards Sustainability Olivier Mazimpaka, Aniko Bunta, Mischa Altmann

Purposeful Action: organizational practices that contribute to a culture of strategic decision making for sustainability Giancarlo Pucci, Alexander Craig, Katherine Macura


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