Completed Theses Projects - Class of 2009

Alternative Fuels for Transportation - A Sustainability Assessment of Technologies within an International Energy Agency Scenario: Shehzad Ahmed; Marcos H. K. Conradt; Valeria De Fusco Pereira

Applying the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to Water management: Hervé-Bazin Olivier; Iacovino Carlo; Ren Hanzi

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Community Development in the Developing World: Ali Al-Dahir; Hye-Jeong Kang and Nicholas Bisley

A Strategic Approach to Sustainable Development through Official Development Assistance: Antonios Balaskas; Eduardo Lima; Tyler Seed

Building an International Cycling Community: Hyuma Frankowski; Kate McKeown; Joel Mulligan

Catalytic City Planning: Leveraging the Development Planning Process to move a Community Strategically towards Sustainability with Dublin City Case Study: Caroline Nolan; Mary Ostafi; Mélina Planchenault

Collaboration for Sustainability in a Networked World: Alice-marie Archer, Rong Fei, Rebecca Petzel.

Connected Urban Development (CUD) Initiative as an Approach towards Sustainability in Urban Areas: Khuloud Odeh, Annita Seckinger, Carina Forsman-Knecht

ICT and Education in Developing Countries: Shifting Initiatives toward a Sustainable Society: Lu Dai, Tiffany Finley, Susan McCormack

Scaling-up impacts: Knowledge-based organizations working towards sustainability: David Adema; Sarah Blenkhorn; Sarah Houseman

Seeds of Change: Using Urban Agriculture to Move a City Towards Sustainability: Chen Peng; Adele Peters; Treva Wetherell; Valerie Yep

Strategically Sustainable Environmental Assessment: Hervé-Bazin Cécile; Klinkenberg Nils; Milam Matt

Sustainable Cities - Realizing the Seven Forms of Community Capital: Adrian Mohareb; Kate Murray; Chidi Ogbuagu

Sustainable Selves: Shifting Paradigms within Individuals as the Core Driver to Reaching a Sustainable Society: Zaida Bárcena, Jayne Bryant and Jenny Lind

Using the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development to complement existing leadership training approaches: Natalie Safra, Josefin Nystrom, Hanzhu Deng

Youth Mentoring: A Strategic Move Towards Sustainability: Bilal Bin Saeed, Henry Mgbemena, Si-Ying Wu, Ying Wang.



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