Fashion Show Hits Front Page News

By Kim Edwards

Bild av inbjudan till Chic Eco ChicChic Eco Chic was the event to be at Thursday September 27, 2007. On the regular BTH pub night, students from the Master's of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability (MSLS) programme transformed the Rotunda Campus Pub into an amazing night of shopping, dancing, modeling and mingling.

Faced with the challenge of distributing a heap of leftover clothes from past MSLS students, Freek van der Pluijm, Andria Benner, Anastasia Dewangga, André Benaim, Tracy Lydiat, Jennifer Nichols and Julia Pereira successfully surpassed all expectations, earning front-page media coverage, two days in a row! The night began with a huge flea market where students and guests of BTH rummaged through piles of clothing items left behind by past MSLS students at un-beatable prices. The items ranged from tables of shoes and jeans, sweatshirts and dress shirts to a guitar auction.

Many felt the flea market was a pretty good deal. But if you left at that point with a new sweater and vest, you missed the best part. Two vocal performances were just a taste test of the spectacular visual feast that was to come. The lights dimmed, the music turned down and a fashionably dressed master of ceremonies, Geoff Stack, took the spotlight. While it wasn’t a big secret that a team of models were stripping down behind the stage wall, when the first model strutted onto the catwalk in the hottest fashions of the season, all eyes were on him. The model team had passionately created the hottest looks for this season from all recycled clothes and were out to sell them. With the music pumping and each model displaying a unique look, the runway was surrounded by interested shoppers, curious viewers and creative photographers.

When the runway walks were complete, the organizers of Chic Eco Chic announced a ½ off sale on anything left, and again the tables were buzzing.

What made the evening so exciting was the support that the MSLS students received in sharing their resources, creativity and passion for re-cycling and re-using with the rest of the BTH and Karlskrona community. Close to 5000 SEK was raised from this one-time event and all of the proceeds are going to a scholarship fund for the MSLS programme.

The organizing team and MSLS class would like to thank Lina from the international office, Eva and Rickard from the Student Union and Christian from the Rotunda for their enthusiastic support.

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