Amity Lumper, USA, Class of 2005

"I find myself truly missing the time I spent at BTH with such a diverse group of fascinating, creative and articulate individuals there for the same reason I was - to build a better world."

Antoine Belaieff, Canada, Class of 2007

"Professionals in any field will recognize the value of supplementing her or his existing discipline with a solid grounding in sustainability - the MSLS programme at BTH provides just that in a stimulating and fun environment."

Dai Dan, China, Class of 2006

"The MSLS programme has an excellent teaching team and style, as well as energetic and creative colleagues. My attitude towards life and the world formed in that time. It will always have a positive effect on me."

Itzel Orozco, Mexico, Class of 2006

"I went to Karlskrona because I wanted to use my skills and experience to make a larger impact to my life, other people's lives, and the planet and the MSLS program was the perfect fit! Living in Karlskrona, and going to BTH has been one of the highlights of my life. I not only lived in a beautiful place, but also learned a lot about sustainability and about myself at the same time. The cherry of the pie was sharing it all with an amazing and invaluable group of individuals from all corners of the world!"

Kristoffer Lundholm, Sweden, Class of 2005

"Inspiring, energetic, challenging and world changing... my year in Karlskrona was by far the best investment I have ever made, both from an educational and a personal standpoint."

Merlina Missimer, Germany, Class of 2007

"I have felt that the sustainability movement all around the globe was lacking overview and a strategic approach necessary to achieve an entire paradigm shift. Not only have I been taught this strategic approach I was looking for, but I feel empowered and a renewed hope that, through this, we will be able to create the change we need."

Ndi George Tebeck, Cameroon, Class of 2006

"Participating in the MSLS programme turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, as it opened my view of sustainability and the world at large, it made me realize that the small things we take for granted can have a great impact on others and it also renewed my enthusiasm to work in changing the world. Its whole system view, system conditions, and strategic approach are some of the things that make it one of a kind."

Pierre Munyura, Rwanda, Class of 2006

"At the end I realized that while white or black, rich or poor, from Africa or Europe, we are all living on the same planet and that we need to work together to save it. I realized also that wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can do something to build a better world. Now I'm back to my motherland Africa, but I'm seeing the world with new eyes and I'm convinced that we can do it. Thanks to the MSLS Program."

Tomomi Takada, Japan, Class of 2005

"A year in BTH was a really exciting experience for me, not only learning about sustainability from new perspectives, but also working and exchanging ideas with classmates from all over the world from various backgrounds."




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