Calling all Alumni - We're heading Down Under

As the number of sustainability leaders within the MSLS alumni network approaches 200 (and the MSLS programme enters its fifth year), the time has come to more formally consider and evolve the future potential of the network and the role its members can collectively play in the sustainability movement.

So we invite you to Australia to share your stories, experiences, wisdom and resources with other alumni members. We invite you to be inspired by the leaders, projects and technologies emerging from Down Under.

This inaugural MSLS Alumni reunion is set for February 2009, and promises to be a journey to remember. Over 9 days, the conference will move between Sydney, Canberra, the Snowy Mountains and Melbourne, visiting key sites and meeting with leaders and practitioners along the way.

MSLS Reunion map Oz

In true 'MSLS-style' the event will be co-created by and for network members. Alumni will have the opportunity to: reconnect with old friends and make new ones; share their latest work; identify opportunities for collaboration; reflect on the MSLS programme's contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development; discuss trends and issues in the sustainability field; participate in some real innovation labs with local organisations; plan the future of the MSLS network; and contribute to a legacy project.

On top of that, the event provides the chance to learn about local challenges and solutions to sustainability while taking in some of Australia's unique landscape, biodiversity and climate.

A journey to Australia is a significant commitment for busy, carbon-conscious change agents, with obvious costs. Therefore, as we backcast from a sustainable future, this event aims to be a strategic investment that maximises value while minimising impact. And while there is no substitute to personal interaction, web platforms (e.g. skype, wikis, blogs, podcasts) will ensure that those who can't attend can still contribute.

For Alumni:

This invitation is to engage in the co-creation of a new story - the story of how a few committed professionals used their collective knowledge and networks to launch world-changing initiatives for the benefit of future generations...WILL YOU JOIN US?

Backcast from an unforgettable trip to Australia and as a first step, accept the invitation by clicking Accept Evite.

Then get on board with contributing your energy and ideas to the event by visiting the event portal at

For incoming students:

The show must go on for the future of the netork and the MSLS programme team will endeavour to facilitate opportunities for the class of 2009 to join the event via web connections from Karlskrona.

General suggestions and inquiries:

Interested stakeholders can contact the organising committee by clicking here.

This event is being organised by members of the MSLS alumni network. BTH is pleased to support the event as evidence of our contribution to a growing network and field of knowledge related to strategic sustainable development.


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