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Guiding Philosophy

The world we live in today is increasingly complex. Our tendency to view and explain it in a linear, static way is insufficient to deal with today's challenges, and a new "whole-systems" way of planning and problem-solving is necessary. With this in mind, the MSLS programme is founded on the basic premise that to achieve a sustainable society within such a complex system (society in the biosphere), we must first understand the basic functioning of the system and the principles for sustaining our way of life.

From these principles, one can "backcast" to the present and begin to take action as part of a clearly focused strategy for success, selecting the necessary tools needed along the way. Put simply, our chances of achieving what we want in the future are enhanced if we have a clear definition of where we are going and have a systematic and structured approach to planning and decision-making.

Planet Earth

A structured approach is one thing; being able to share it is another. Therefore, the MSLS programme revolves around two integrated themes: strategic sustainable development (SSD) - a science-based, strategic approach for planning towards sustainability; and organisational learning and leadership (OLL) - practicing leadership to effectively create change towards sustainability.

The synergy that results from this combination generates uniquely skilled graduates with fluency in both sustainability and leadership. Through this combination, graduates are able to enter the professional arena with an energetic and inspired approach to societal and organizational change.

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