Fundraising for MSLS Scholarships!

StratLeade, the fundraising arm of the MSLS programme, has recently launched a new campaign! Funds raised by this campaign can in the future be used to help students attend the MSLS programme despite financial difficulties. Can you help?

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Join StratLeade to support strategic sustainability leaders in the 2009 campaign (17 July - August 11) while at the same time building a stronger network of strategic sustainability professionals around the world.

How it works:

A fundable collection has been set up specifically for this one month campaign to raise funds to support the MSLS Programme. Globally, we can contribute and watch our pledges grow. Pledges will be charged (via PayPal) only when the collective goal is met.

When you give, in return you'll receive Natural Step* tools to help you and your networks strategically move towards sustainability while educating more people around the world about Strategic Sustainable Development (SSD):

  • For every $50 you donate, receive "A Passion for Sustainability" DVD highlighting Portland, OR, US businesses that have embraced The Natural Step (TNS) framework.
  • For every $150 donated, receive the award winning "Sustainability 101" E-Learning Course developed by TNS Canada.

We don't expect you to do this all by yourself. It is hoped that our characteristically creative and strategic network nodes (you) will make extra effort during this time to reach beyond our MSLS and TNS networks. Encourage your people to participate… let’s be creative (think viral marketing, the power of networks, chaordic change)!

Here are some ideas for leveraging our personal and professional networks:

  • Do you work with people who aren't familiar with TNS and want to learn more? Consider approaching your employer to donate. In return you'll receive a 'Sustainability 101' E- Learning course or a DVD to educate and inspire your colleagues and/or community to move strategically towards sustainability.
  • Are you working with businesses and/or community groups on sustainability efforts? Consider donating to receive the inspiring "Passion for Sustainability" documentary and ignite your group with the beauty of The Natural Step framework which is sure to inspire dialogue and action.
  • Are your friends, family, colleagues not sure what The Natural Step framework is all about and why you’re so excited about this Master's programme in Sweden? Consider donating and give the DVD or E Learning course to your loved ones for special occasions or just for the heck of it.
  • And don't forget to check with your employer about whether or not they'll match your gift.
  • Every pledge, no matter the amount (although $10 min is required by Fundable), will bring us closer to the goal, so your participation at any level is deeply appreciated.
  • Time is short, but our goals are totally realistic. Here's hoping we have enough leaders in time.

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    Thank you for your support!
    The 'Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development' is the generic name for 'the Natural Step Framework.' Both BTH and TNS have been instrumental in its creation and ongoing development. These terms can be understood to refer to the same structured approach to planning and decision making for sustainability.

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