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stratleade picThe fundraising arm of MSLS, StratLeade Sustainability Education, conducts a fundraising drive each year to raise money for its programme, and this year's campaign takes on even greater importance because the Swedish government will introduce full tuition fees (100,000 SEK, or $15,000 USD) next year for students from outside the European Union. Thanks to your generosity last year, StratLeade was able to grant two scholarships to incoming MSLS students this year. Our aim is to provide more, larger scholarships next year and into the future.


Please donate generously to support future students of the MSLS programme. We have chosen to use PayPal and regular mail to receive donations. In addition to a one-time donation, we have established an annual "subscription" option, which is a recurring monthly donation. Perhaps you are be able to donate $50 right now. Would you be willing to donate $10 or $20 per month instead?



In addition to making a personal donation, what else can we do to make this fundraising drive a success?

  • Forward this page to friends and family, along with a personal note about your experience in the MSLS programme or BTH online sustainability education. Explain why these programmes are so relevant and crucial for a sustainable future.
  • Ask your employer to make a donation or match your personal contribution.
  • Add a link on your website or blog to StratLeade's 'Donate' web page ( If you are a blogger, write a blog post about the importance of these educational programmes and include the link.
  • Anything else you can think of or do to generate donations (please share these ideas!). Consider phone calls, selling some old stuff you no longer use, Facebook messages, Twitter, standing on a street corner with a sign, full-page ads in the NY Times... anything!


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With our best regards,


Brendan Seale

On behalf of BTH's MSLS programme and StratLeade

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