The Karlskrona Dialogues continues in 2008

By Fiona Wright


Karlskrona Dialogues: What does Information & Communication Technology have to do with Sustainable Development?

As part of a pre-summer sustainability-related series of events that included World Environment Day, Karlskrona Blossoms, and Green Drinks, the MSLS programme hosted 2 successful Karlskrona Dialogues. We stepped slightly out on a limb and piloted 2 new formats for the event. On May 28th, we formed a panel of international speakers to explore the subject of 'Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Sustainable Development' with an introductory presentation by Dr. Göran Broman, and a moderated Q&A session with Dr. Markus Fiedler. The panelists included 2 guests from India - Dr. Timothy Gonsalves (IIT-Madras) and Vanita Kommineni (Business Incubator). As well, Matilda Gustafsson (Sustainable Development Manager at Ericsson) joined us via teleconference, thus saving some carbon emissions and demonstrating one of the big areas that ICT can help with. Rounding out the panel was Per-Ola Carlsson from a local SME, Wireless Internet Provider. This event was held in conjunction with Green Drinks ( and was attended by about 80 people. It was the kick-off to further cooperation between departments at BTH (Mechanical Engineering (AMT) and Telecommunications (ATS)) which supports the aim of BTH to explore its three pillars of IT, Innovation, and Sustainable Development in an integral way.  





Karlskrona Dialogues: Climate Change Café

On June 2nd, we opened up a World Café to the Karlskrona community to come and engage in a dialogue about climate change. Tony Thompson, MSLS 2007 graduate and current PhD student at BTH, shared some information he learned from Al Gore during 'The Climate Project' training. This visually and acoustically stunning location of the German Church in Stortorget was a refreshing environment to host a presentation about the science behind climate change and how it affects our lives here in Sweden. It was followed by a dialogue café of rotating small group discussions over fika (coffee and snacks). This format provided participants both with the opportunity to learn more from a presenter versed in the field, and from peers in the community, simultaneously connecting with other like-minded folks. This evening was a great success and we are looking forward to organizing it again in the future. Thanks to Augusto Cuginotti and Lu Lei for all their hard work organizing, as well as to BTH and Landstinget Blekinge for their support! For more information, see

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