Meet the Class of 2009!

What do an Australia musician, an American engineer, a Greek aid worker, a Brazilian communications specialist and a Chinese botanist have in common? Among other things they share a concern for the state of the world and a recognition that new skills and knowledge are needed to succeed in an era of rapid change. 

These are the sustainability leaders of tomorrow. They represent a small sample of the talented professionals that attend our International Master's programme Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. They have dedicated themselves to a year of learning the science, a strategic framework and tools, and developing leadership skills required for organizational change.



To read the biographies of all 53 students enrolled in this year's class, please download the biography brochure, which is produced by the students themselves. The students in this year's class originate from 17 distinct countries from around the world!












Are you interested in joining the 2009/2010 class of sustainability leaders in Karlskrona, Sweden? Applications for International applications will open Dec. 1, 2008. Please click on Admission for more details.

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