MSLS Thesis Projects win 75,000kr!

For the second year in a row, MSLS thesis projects have been awarded cash prizes from Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronen. This year's winner were announced at the official award's ceremony in Halmstad, Sweden on the 6th of November.


Winning 50,000kr was the thesis team of Anna Jonasson, Brendan Moore and Ben Kneppers for their work entitled 'Principles-Based Comparison Framework for Renewable Electricity Options'. This thesis project build a tool to examine the pros and cons of different renewable electicity options, so decision-makers can make more informed selections amongst competing options.


Winning 25,000kr was the thesis team of Alexandra Lichtenberg, Patricia Guimarães, and Heleen Podsedkowska with their project called 'Personal Rapid Transit systems for reduction in car dependence Karlskrona case study'. This thesis examined what a sustainable transportation might look like, then assessed the applicability of a Personal Rapid Transit system in Karlskrona.



sparbank winners 2008


From Left to Right: Brendan Moore, Anna Jonasson, Heleen Podsedkowska, and Patricia Guimaraes. Missing group members are Ben Kneppers and Alexandra Lichtenberg, who were unable to attend.



Both projects were deemed to be of exceptional quality, as well as highly appropriate and useful for the region of Southern Sweden. In total, BTH was awarded seven prizes, totalling 250,000kr.


Winning an additional 50,000kr was Tomas Ahlberg, who joined the MSLS programme's first two semesters in 2006 (no doubt we had some influence on him *wink*). Tomas won his prize for creating a domestic hot water system that prevents the spread of Legionnaire's disease.


Congratulations to all winners!



This story is featured in the Fall 2008 issue of the Trunk & Branches. Download the full newsletter here.


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