Curriculum content/ Strategic Sustainable Development/ Organisational learning and leadership

Theme 2. Organisational Learning and Leadership

Sustainable development requires unprecedented learning and leadership to change the current way we operate in society today. To this end, the organisational learning and leadership theme of the MSLS programme explores how change happens in society and how to create desired change towards sustainability.

Learning and change processes in individuals, organisations and society are examined using whole-system approaches. Students explore their personal roles in creating a sustainable society. The aim is to develop skills and the capacity to understand, engage, co-create, lead and energize change.

Leadership theories are covered to develop an understanding of what leadership towards sustainability means in terms of self awareness, leading by example, and building broad consensus-based action through relationship-building and teamwork.

An emphasis is placed on developing skills in communicating and implementing strategic sustainable development (theme 1), particularly though engaging individuals and organisations, working with multicultural stakeholders, and actively practicing presentation, facilitation, dialogue and coaching techniques.


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