Support the Karlskona Sustainable Living Film Festival!


This May, Karlsrkona will host the "Sustainable Living Film Festival", screening 16 documentary films about sustainability from around the world.  The film festival will take place at the Konsthall in downtown Karlskrona between May 14 - May 16 and is open to everyone. It will be free of charge.


Film Festival 2010 LogoThe event builds on the success of the Istanbul "Sustainable Living Film Festival" which two MSLS students from Turkey helped to organize in 2008.  The Istanbul fılm festival attracted a diverse audience of 1,000 community members who were enthralled and inspired by the fılms. 


The MSLS "Sustainable Living Film Festival" Karlskrona committee hopes to replicate this experience in Karlskrona in collaboration with the local community.  Documentary films have the ability to bring important messages to large audiences to both entertain and educate.  A film festival in Karlskrona is a way to engage the community on important issues in a social setting, bringing together members of the community as well as many important organizations such as BTH, Karlskrona Kommun, Businesses, and other local initiatives.

The "Sustainable Living Film Festival" film line-up includes fılms dealing with the subjects of peak oil, mining, food supply, water issues, waste, and corporations.  In addition to the films, there will be local guest speakers discussing sustainability initiatives in the Karlskrona area. Check out the schedule here.


The organizing committee is still looking for donations to support this exciting event.  If you would like more information or are able to donate, please contact Lea Thuot leathuot (at) yahoo (dot) com

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