Sustainability Bridge

By Merlina Missimer

With the start of the new academic year, BTH has taken another step to strengthen its sustainable development profile. Through generous support from the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, the university has established a match-making project named "The Sustainability Bridge" (Hållbarhetsbron). The primary purpose of the project is to connect students' and researchers' competence with corresponding organizational needs for project work with a sustainability relevance. This may be everything from small course projects to thesis works and research commissions.

The project is led by Pia Lindahl, a new PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering Department, who was involved in a similar project at Kalmar University before she began her PhD at BTH. Tamara Connell, Merlina Missimer and Fiona Wright have been hired to execute this project from September until Januray 2008 and have been joined by Cecilia Bratt and
Anthony Thompson (also PhD Students).

Our team has started the work by compiling an inventory of the competencies and ideas with sustainability relevance that exist in different sections, departments and units of the university. Over the last several weeks, we have interviewed various people from all departments in order to understand how their work can relate to the Sustainability Bridge. In the next step, we will assess different local organizations’ needs relating to sustainability and market the Sustainable Bridge

We are currently looking for organizations within the region and beyond to participate in MSLS Strategic Management for Sustainability course project and thesis collaborations. Please send an email to Pia ( if you wish to meet with someone to discuss your organization’s participation in these projects. Strategic Management course projects get
underway early in November, and expressions of interest for thesis collaboration are begin accepted now.

We look forward to building this Bridge in the coming months, and welcome your questions, comments, or feedback at any time.


This page featured in the Fall 2007 issue of our newsletter. To download the full newsletter click here.


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