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We invite you to join the StratLeade Network - along with other businesses, organisations, individuals and alumni, who are committed to creating a sustainable society and interested in learning together in pursuit of that vision.

The StratLeade Network is free to join, though we very much appreciate support from our partners to enable the MSLS programme to improve core activities, offer scholarships, invite visiting lecturers from around the world to share their knowledge and experience, and provide internship placements for recent graduates.  For more information, and to make a donation, please visit the Supporting MSLS web page.

Friends in our network enjoy:

  • Biographies of all of the members of each class
  • Recruitment opportunities for internship and job placements of recent graduates
  • Opportunity  to collaborate on thesis projects, suggest specific direction for research, and access final thesis documents
  • Networking opportunities with other sustainability leaders
  • Access to BTH researchers
  • The StratLeade Network newsletter - The Trunk & Branches - featuring programme news, alumni updates and special features on cutting edge sustainability research and information
  • and many more opportunities to learn with the students about how a pro-active, strategic approach to sustainability can improve the bottom line, engage team members, and foster creativity and innovation.

Donors to the programme are recognized in StratLeade Network online and print materials at the corresponding level of their support. Donors at the Visionary level will also enjoy invitations to private sessions with Karlskrona Dialogues speakers and other special events, and the option to be recognized on the walls of BTH.  Founding Visionaries will be honoured with a commemorative plaque at BTH.

Are you an academic institution, looking to partner with the MSLS programme?  Contact the Programme Director to discuss the possibilities.

The MSLS community would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their support:

Jason Niles
Celia Peterson
Schuyler Minert
Ann Scheerer
Georges Dyer
Anouk Bertner
Theo Van Brabant
Gwen Scheerer
Geoff Stack
Magdalena Szpala
Kristoffer Lundholm
Kyle White
Delphine LePage
Melina Planchenault
Stephen Kasnet
Caroline Nolan
Tracy Lydiatt
Antoine Belaieff
Anne Morgan DeMelle
Heidi Blankenship Speight
Regina Hauser
Peter Bardaglio
Pauline de Gonzague
Amy Seabrooke
Sarah Brooks
Michelle Dyer
Karl-Henrik Robert
Celia Peterson
Shawn Westcott
Cyrille Jegu
Bob Willard
Freek van der Pluijm
Andrew Outhwaite
Richard Blume
Charles Dyer
Andrea Faste
Lisa Chacon
Melanie Dubin
Anthony Thompson
Lawrence Silcox
Rebecca Petzel
Gloria Moy
Alaya Boisvert
Alexander Grishman
Georges Dyer
Amity Lumper Low
Sarah Houseman
Virginia Bousum
Simon Goldsmith
Goran Broman
Scott Harrison
Casey Nelson
Jeffery Johnson
Eric Stacey
Norman Beaulieu
David Adema
Michelle Dyer
Kevin Wilhelm
Laura Harris
Ingrid Jacobsen
Stephen Muzzy
Sierra Rosen
Sophie Dunkerley
Monique Monteverde
Heather Worosz
Tamara Connell
Geneva Rae
Merlina Missimer
Pong Leung
Scott Grierson
Bruce McKean
Ben Scheerer
Helena Lundholm
Collins Amanze
Donald Ryan
Synapse Strategies
John Scheerer
Goran Carstedt
Josephine Brennan
Hao Brown
Mirelle Albert
Cari Bivona
Melanie Dubin
Shannon Fitzgerald
Ingrid Jacobson
Michael Henson
Daniel Hendry
Michael Hogan & Donna Shannon
Archie Kasnet
Jason Niles
Katie Pease
Geneva Rae
Lawrence Silcox
Tony Thompson
Carmen Turner
Norm Tyler
Kyle White
Fiona Wright
Anonymous on behalf of Zaid Azaizeh
Anonymous on behalf of Fredrick Amartey Ebeneku-anim
Anonymous on behalf of Ingrid Jacobson
Anonymous on behalf of Kyle White

Greenland Enterprises



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StratLeade Network Partners include:


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The Natural Step


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Sustainable Sweden Association


Karlskrona Kommun


Region Blekinge

Landstinget Blekinge

BioAlcohol Fuel Foundation

Kunming University of Science and Technology

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Blekinge Business Incubator

Affärsverken Karlskrona AB

Volvo Group


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