Adobe Connect Pro

Adobe Connect Pro is software that enables e-meetings in an online 'virtual classroom'. In this course, the Adobe Connect Pro platform will be used for scheduled “webinars” facilitated by expert presenters, for presentations of project work by course participants, and to support real-time collaboration among group members working on such projects (see course overview).

Access to the virtual classroom is via an internet connection from each participant's personal computer. A headset and microphone is required to participate. In general, use of webcams is restricted due to bandwidth issues. In some circumstances the facilitator may use a webcam or allow their use by course participants.

More information:

To participate in meetings via Adobe Connect you will need:

  • an Internet connection,
  • Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer, and
  • a headset.

Webcams are not necessary, but required in certain courses.

Software: Participants must download and install Adobe Flash Player on their own computer prior to the course. Read the Connect Pro Quick Start Guide for instructions. A number of short video guides are available to assist with basic installation and familiarization. The film guides are in Swedish and also provide a useful visual aid to non-Swedish speakers.

Access webinars via Adobe Connect Pro web-link: The same link will be used for all webinars for this course.  Prior to a scheduled webinar, participants will be emailed a web-link and instructions on how to enter the virtual classroom.

Technical Requirements: visit the course Tech. Requirements page to confirm you have compatible hardware and software, and the correct settings enabled.

Technical Support: visit the course Tech. Support if you encounter difficulties with the software or accessing a virtual classroom at the time of a scheduled e-meeting.



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