Step by Natural Step elearning module

"Sustainability: Step by Natural Step" is a self-paced elearning module integrated within the overall course (see course overview). This module provides participants with a basic level of knowledge and competency in foundational concepts and processes related to sustainability, strategic sustainable development, the Natural Step Framework, organizational learning and other subjects.

The module is delivered via structured readings and the completion of a 3- to 5-hour previously developed interactive e-learning course over the internet. This award-winning course is a dynamic package of engaging animations, question-based exercises, best-practice examples, interactive learning games and real-life scenarios, all supported by a rich set of supplementary resources from over 100 authoritative sources.

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About the Step by Natural Step elearning module : You can read more about the course on the TNS  website:

User login: Prior to the course, each participant receives a username and login and can directly access the site with an internet connection by clicking here:

Technical Requirements: visit the course Tech. Requirements page to confirm you have compatible hardware and software, and the correct settings enabled.

Technical Support: Visit the course Tech. Support page if you have difficulties accessing the site or using any features in the Step by Natural Step elearning module.


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