Technical Requirements

In general, to participate in this course you need a:

  • broadband internet connection and supported browser
  • Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or later
  • current computer hardware and operating system
  • headset (for online webinars)

Note: In webinars, it may be possible to use a web camera (webcam), however, use of webcams will be restricted if bandwidth issues are encountered.  Webcams are not  required to participate.

This course uses a combination of learning tools and the specific technical requirements for each component differ. Please check the requirements below for Adobe Connect Pro and the Step by Natural Step e-learning module.

It's learning platform

This course will use It's Learning as its learning management system and tool for flexible learning.It's Learning is accessed via a website and in general has no special technical requirements beyond a reasonable internet connection. Known issues will be posted on the It's Learning homepage.


Adobe connect pro

Adobe Connect Pro only requires that course participants have an internet connection, web browser, and Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or later to attend webinars. Connect Pro supports nearly any operating system including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris, as well as the most widely used browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

System requirements for participants can be found here.

Step by Natural Step e-learning module

You will need to meet the following computer system requirements to properly view and access the Step by Natural Step e-learning module:

1. Flash Player 8 (to download click here).

2. Disable the pop-up blockers on your computer. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

3. Use one of the following supported Operating Systems and Browsers:

  • Windows XP: IE 6, Firefox 1.5, and NetScape 8.0
  • Windows 2000: IE 6
  • Mac OS X: Safari 1.3, Firefox 1.5



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