Testimonials from past participants

The LCSCI course, for me, provided absolute clarity on the subject of sustainability. It facilitated the opportunity for people, from many diverse backgrounds, to come together and focus on real achievable goals that are common to all. The collaboration between The Natural Step and the BTH was superb and the resulting course thoroughly enjoyable. The lessons learnt from this course will prove invaluable for both mine and my company's future.
Paul Nelms, Business Excellence Systems Manager, Telford Extrusions, UK.


We all look to be environmentally responsible businesses and act in a sustainable manner, however how do you know if what you are doing is moving you in the right direction....towards sustainability? This course allows you look at the principals underlining true sustainability and approach it in a holistic, easy to understand manner. The information gained from this course, and the links made with other 'like minded' businesses is extremely valuable. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a keen in interest in sustainability and doing 'the right thing'.

Claire Venthen, Sustainability Manager,Bowater Building Products, UK.

The LCSCI course was a unique experience for both education and networking, allowing many chemical companies to share a common understanding of sustainability, and to envision opportunities to work together towards sustainable value chains.

Muriel Hebrard , Senior Research Scientist, Packaging and Building Materials, Rohm and Haas Company, France.

The LCSCI course was a revelation to me. To discover that so many other people are moving towards a sustainable future in a coordinated and mutually supportive manner was just the boost I needed to start making my own actions and those of my company count. The BTH and TNS teams provided superb focus and support throughout the course. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

Dr. Paul Ross-Gardner, Technical Manager, Synthomer, UK.

I first came in contact with sustainability and ‘The Natural Step’ several years ago. At that time I found it really tough to understand what it all means, so I was really happy and excited when the LCSCI course started. I learned a lot and it was a great experience to join the online seminars, to participate in the workshops and to become part of a network of people who are thinking, believing and feeling in a similar way.

Dr Michael Schiller, Chemson AG, Austria.


The LCSCI course provided both Omya and myself an excellent opportunity to learn about Sustainable Development using the TNS framework and develop knowledge and experience about the challenges to SD within my own organisation through the application of the model to the business. The ability to share thoughts and experiences with peers from a range of industries and roles in a structured and well managed environment made the whole experience extremely enjoyable and participating in the course has certainly benefitted Omya in our journey towards sustainability.

Andrew Tyler, Commercial Manager - Carbonate Products Omya UK Ltd, UK.


I am proud to have completed the course and gained so much from it. It has given me a broad understanding and a clear framework with which to proceed to help my employer and my customers work towards sustainability.

Ian Sewell, Business Development Manager, Baerlocher, UK.

Attending the LCSCI distance learning course was a unique professional enrichment in developing a holistic and scientific view on sustainable development. The return on investment of participating at the course is already obvious by helping the business in implementing a Sustainable future for our technologies. In addition, it was a unique personal experience in reaching out within a team of course participants covering a broad platform of the chemical industry

Yves Vandenberghe, Global Technology Manager - Personal Care, Rohm and Haas Company, France.

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