Creating sustainability change agents within the chemical industry and related value chains

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Chemicals are the building blocks of life and are used in products all throughout society. The challenges for sustainable chemical use span across industries and multiple value chains, and to make meaningful progress, collaboration is essential.  Course partners, Blekinge Institute of Technology and The Natural Step, are therefore pleased to announce that the second Leading Change for a Sustainable Chemical Industry course kicked off on April 28, 2011.


This course is a means to build competence of industry leaders, facilitate value chain dialogue and deliver business results to participating companies. These objectives will be met through online lectures, face-to-face workshops, and collaborative project work between April and November 2011. A key feature of the course is the combination of theory and practice. Participants will learn about scientifically robust methods and will be teamed up with professional sustainability advisors from The Natural Step's global sustainability network for support to apply them in their respective organizations.


This year's course welcomes participants from seven countries (UK, Austria, Sweden, Kuwait, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Colombia) and various value chains dependent on industrial chemical production. Participating companies include Chemson, Beckers Industrial Coatings, Ernst & Young, the Dow Chemical Company, and DSM.  The participants will be trained over several months to become change agents for economic, social and ecological sustainable development within their respective companies.


Blekinge Institute of Technology and The Natural Step developed the original course concept with support from the chemical industry companies Hydro Polymers, Rohm and Haas and Chemson in 2008.  The second edition of the course is being organized with support from the Dow Chemical Company. Some of the guest lectures announced for the course include Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt and Dr. Göran Broman, both professors at BTH, Bob Willard, author of The Sustainability Advantage, and Dr. Jason Leadbitter, Sustainability Manager, IneosChlorVinyls.


For enquiries about subsequent courses and collaboration opportunities, please contact Treva Wetherell (treva.wetherell [at] at Blekinge Institute of Technology, or Richard Blume (richard.blume [at] at The Natural Step.

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