Prioritisation Support for Sustainable Product Development

How does organisational understanding and adoption of a strategic sustainability perspective at senior management level permeate product and process development?

This is the main research question this project focus on answering. The project has a total budget of 12.6 millions SEK and is funded by the Knowledge Foundation (KK-Stiftelsen). The project started in March 2006 and has duration of 3 years.


Sustainability-related decisions can be critical factors in determining the future of a company and the market success of its products. It is therefore relevant to understand both what types of decisions are made during product development anGlobed manufacturing processes and how these are made. There are many elements to consider in this context and frequently choices have to be made between a range of competing alternatives.

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We believe this project has high scientific originality and high relevance to Swedish industrial long-term competitiveness. It is imperative that rigorous, practical and readily shared methods and tools are developed to bridge the gap between today’s innovation and design approaches and tomorrow’s global needs. Businesses taking a leading role in this development are likely to become increasingly more competitive.

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