• To improve the integration of sustainability aspects in product development.
  • To obtain an enhanced concept of lean product development, especially as regards prioritisation of alternative solutions.
  • To include generic recommendations for making strategic decisions towards sustainability in terms of how management, product and process levels can interact to guide decisions towards more sustainable solutions.
  • To increase the competitiveness and knowledge of participating companies and enhance the efficiency of their product development efforts towards sustainability.

We believe this project has high scientific originality and high relevance to Swedish industrial long-term competitiveness. It is imperative that rigorous, practical and readily shared methods and tools are developed to bridge the gap between today’s innovation and design approaches and tomorrow’s global needs. Businesses taking a leading role in this development are likely to become increasingly more competitive.

We address a highly significant and complex challenge in the development of methods and tools that support integration of socio-ecological sustainability. These should include guidance in strategic planning for how to prioritise and make decisions. A systematic assessment including sustainability aspects at the company will be a determining factor for the company’s success in the long run.


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