Dr. Kai Petersen
School of Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Ericsson AB, Karlskrona


Picture Kai Petersen


I am a senior researcher at Blekinge Institute of Technology and Ericsson AB. My research interests are in agile and lean software development. So far, I have investigated the benefits and drawbacks of agile when moving from a plan-driven process to an agile and incremental process, incorporating agile principles like frequent face-to-face interaction, small teams, time-boxing, frequent integration and so forth. At the moment I am woring on developing mechanisms to realiye lean principles from the automotive industry in software engineering with the main goal of removing any kind of waste (e.g., inventory, motion, extra features, waiting) from the development process. The first step towards this goal is to identify and quantify the waste in the process, and understanding the relationships between different kinds of waste.

The ongoing empirical research is done with my industrial partner (e.g., in form of case studies) as well as in the lab (e.g., by doing controlled experiments). Furthermore, we used research methods from evidence based medicine which have been transfered to software engineering (for example systematic reviews and systematic maps) to establish the state of the art in different fields of software engineering.

In my spare time, I like pole walking (when the weather in Sweden allows to do so) and reading English literature. Furthermore, I enjoy listening to music (among my favorites are Queen, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and Beautiful South) and watching U.S. television series (very good ones are for example Sopranos, Shield, Oz, Six Feet Under, Desperate Housewifes, The Wire, and The West Wing).



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