Dear software testing practitioner and/or researcher, 

this survey aims to help bridge the gap between testing research and practice. For that purpose we designed a classification that forms the basis for the structure of the survey. 

You may answer the survey from two perspective,
1) testing interventions (e.g. methods, techniques, tools)
2) testing challenges.

Both, 1) and 2) will contain questions related to:
- concerned test process activities,
- purpose and effect (either as an objective of the intervention when answering for 1. or characterizing the challenge when answering 2.)

Your benefit: Understanding the purpose and effect for 1. and 2 will allow us to map solutions for practical problems to interventions. Thus, we will be able to provide you with the solutions entered for your testing challenges, and vice versa provide researchers with practical challenges their solutions could address.

What you will get from us for your efforts: We run the survey continuously and populate a database with the survey results that can be queried for identified challenges and solutions. You will get access to that database.

Estimated time to anser the survey: 10-15 min. 

Please answer our survey for one or more interventions and challenges following this link:

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Emelie Engström, Lund University 

Kai Petersen, Blekinge Institute of Technology 

 Overview of taxonomy structure guiding the survey


Complementary material: 

The taxonomy has been evaluated earlier with input from practitioners and researchers. The interview guide can be found here


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