About Martin Boldt

SelfportraitI'm a PhD in computer science at Blekinge Institute of Technology. As a member of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering my main research focus is in Computational Criminology and Information Security, which is approached using various methods from the interdisciplinary field of Data Science. Currently I'm working in two interesting research projects. The first is a research profile project financed by the Knowledge Foundation during 2014-2020 that is titled Scalable resource-efficient systems for big data analytics. The second project is together with the Swedish Police and the Swedish National Forensic Centre. This project focuses on the mitigation of serial volume crime, in particular residential burglaries, using data-driven methods. The means investigated include systematic collection of crime scene information, researching analysis methods using data science methods. Various studies have been carried out, e.g. investigating to what extent suspects' risk exposure and degree of pre-crime perparation can be automatically estimated using crime scene data. The project is funded by VINNOVA (the Swedish innovation agency) during 2016 and has previously been funded by the EU 2012-2014 (6.9 MSEK) and Regional Council of Blekinge during 2015 (2 MSEK). More information about our co-operation with the police is available here (in Swedish).

When it comes to commission of trust committments I'm a member of the program committe for conferences, e.g. European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference where I'm a track chair for the Computational Criminology track. I'm also in the editorial board for EAI Endorsed Transactions on Security and Safety where I'm responsible for Forensic analysis submissions. In addition to this I'm peer-reviewing manuscripts for various journals, conferences and workshops, e.g. NIPS, FSDM and EISIC.

My contact information is available here.


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