This page contains information about Mahvish Khurum's PhD thesis. The preliminary title of the PhD thesis is

Tentative title: Strategic Decision Support for Software Intensive Product Management




October 4, Final version of thesis uploaded (this is the version sent for printing). Download thesis

Sept 16, Complete thesis uploaded. Please observe: there will be some formatting changes and small fixes in the final printed version. Download thesis

July 4 - Complete Chapter 3 of the thesis has been uploaded. Visit PhD Thesis chapters

June 07 - First version of PhD dissertation (stating chapters) has been uploaded. Visit PhD thesis chapters.


Research Area

Strategic software engineering touches both software engineering and industrial technology and management. A strategic decision enables better planning and the best trade-off with respect to project cost, schedules, functional contents and quality objectives. These factors contribute to the creation of customer value and profit for the company but there are also associated risks that must be dealt with. To be able to efficiently deliver customer benefit and value for the end users of a product, system or service it is required that the development is organized as software product lines, i.e. planned development of multiple products based on a common core asset. Achieving this objective requires knowledge about organizations, processes and technologies.

Important dates

Compile PhD thesis: June 07 - 15 August  (8-10 weeks of full time work) - In Progress

Submit to examiner: August 25

Submit to publisher: Sept 25 (1 month before)

Submit to opponent: Sept 30 (1 month before)

PhD defence: (tentative) Oct 27


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