ET1304 (ETB007), Digital Signal Processors (Signal processor theory)

(7,5 ECTS points)


Course on program: Msc. EE.
Credit points: 7,5 points
Level: C level
Next course start: lp2 2007 
Teacher: Anders Nelsson


The aim of the course is to provide both theoretical knowledge and practical skill about the use of digital signal processors (DSP) in different application areas.


The course deals with developing and testing different software constructions in a digital signal processor. These constructions show the possibilities of the processor to implement powerful and fast algorithms in different applications. The course has the following content: Development Systems, architecture, instruction set, input/output. Example of construction areas: digital filters, FFT, control algorithms, acoustic applications, digital communication, image processing, medical applications.

Special entrance qualifications

A requirement is to have completed course in Signal Processing II and Microprocessor Systems


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