Experimental Modal Analysis ET2429 (ETC010)

Course information

  • The course is given for the programme: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Credit units: 5 units (3p exam, 2p laboratory assignments)
  • Level: C, 41-60 poäng
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering
  • Study term: Lp2
  • Place: Ronneby
  • Responsible teacher: Henrik Åkesson, (HSY), ASB, e-mail: hsy@bth.se.
  • Exam: Home exam.

Course overview

In the industry today there is a large demand for staff with good knowledge in techniques of measurement applicable to solve sound and vibration problems. The involved mix of knowledge from acoustics, mechanics and signal analysis in these techniques of measurement is a difficulty. This is a continuation of the course ETC009, Sound- & Vibration-Analysis I.The goal is to give the students a deeper knowledge on how to use applied signal analysis in order to describe vibrations in structures with experimental modal analysis. The contents of the course are; wave propagation in solid material, experimental modal analysis, use of modal models for simulating of forced vibration.

Course material

The following material will be used during the lesions:

Compendium (pdf, 2.6Mb)
Experimantal Modal Analysis In Practice (pdf, 2Mb)
Slides (pdf, 1.5Mb) 


Home Assignments

The home assignments are mandatory.


Project manual (pdf, 176kb)                  Deadline 2007-03-23
The project is mandatory.

I-DEAS Curve Fitting: I-DEAS Curve Fitting (pdf, 41kb)
Script for importing Universal Files (UNV) to matlab: unv2ml (zip, 27kb)

Old exams

Swedish exam March 2001 (pdf, 71kb), solution (pdf, 143kb).
Swedish exam March 2003 (pdf, 41kb), solution (pdf, 38kb).
English exam  March 2005 (pdf, 439kb)
English exam  June 2005    (pdf, 121kb)



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