MIMO Systems ET2430 (ET1313, ETC011)

Course information

  • The course is given for the programme: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Credit units: 7,5 ETCTS points(4,5 p exam, 3p laboratory assignments)
  • Level: D, 41-60 poäng
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering
  • Study term: Lp3
  • Place: Karlskrona
  • Responsible teacher: Wlodek Kulesza, ASB, e-mail: wlodek.kulesza@bth.se
  • Exam:
  • Syllabus/Kursplan  (sv/eng)  

Course overview

In the industry today there is a large demand for staff with good knowledge in techniques of measurement applicable to solve sound and vibration problems. The involved mix of knowledge from acoustics, mechanics and signal analysis in these techniques of measurement is a difficulty. This is a continuation of the course ET1301, Sound- & Vibration-Analysis I. The goal is to give the students a deeper knowledge of fundamental aspects of time series analysis, probability theory, especially of the theory of stochastic processes, or random functions, and the way these methods are used in noise and vibration analysis. Also investigation of noise sources, either by using the conditioned spectra or by principal components will be presented. Finally some recent techniques developed by one of the pioneers in this field, Julius Bendat, for identification of nonlinear systems are introduced. The interest for solving nonlinear problems is increasing, as the analysis methods become more accessible. Methods for solving nonlinear problems have often involved rather sophisticated tools, not available to most engineers.

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