Antenna Theory ET2401

Course Information

  • The course is given for the programme: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Credit units: 7.5 ECTS
  • Level: D, 61-80 units
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering (Elektroteknik)
  • Study term: Lp1, 2011
  • Place of first lecture: Wämö Center, Karlskrona
  • Examination date: 2011-10-24
  • Responsible teacher: Mats Pettersson
    Syllabus: Antenna Theory


Many electrical engineers are connected with radio systems (e.g. radio communication, radar, navigation and radiometry systems) in their profession. Antenna Theory is central for all radio systems, and the course gives basic understanding of radio antennas. Radio communication systems are important and influence our daily life in modern society. Radio communication is a big industry making communication equipment for people all over the world, as well as the profession of many electrical engineers. Radar and radiometry are essential in remote sensing in monitoring the earth, other planets and solar systems. Radio systems and particular Antenna Theory is therefore a very important field of science and electrical engineering. As a becoming electrical engineer there are good prospects of working in the area of radio systems and in particular in connection to radio communication. To develop and to manufacture radio systems, electrical engineers with good antenna knowledge are needed.

Radio communication is central for BTH in the efforts towards Applied IT. Remote sensing is an important field for monitoring the earth and measure for example the global warming, something which coincide with the efforts of BTH with sustainable development in focus.


  • Fundamental antenna properties

  • Radiation integrals and auxiliary potential functions

  • Antenna synthesis

  • Integral equations, moment method, impedance

  • Linear wire antennas, loop antennas

  • Linear, planar and circular arrays.

  • Broadband antennas.

  • Aperture, micro strip and reflector antennas


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Learning platform

All material and information for the course is available on the learning platform, It’s learning.

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The course starts at August 29 in LP 1 2011 and has the following plan. The course is planed with 56 lecture hours. The lecture hours is divided in to 16 lectures and 12 exercise double hours.

Course Material


The lectures will be given by Mats Pettersson. To help the student most of the lecture notes are given on the learning platform


Constantine A. Balanis, Antenna Theory - Analyses and Design, 2005, Third Edition, John Wileys and Sons Inc., ISBN - 0-471-66782-X

Laboratory work

The laboratory work will be done both in remote lab and in class. The guidence of the laboratory work is given in the L@bsoft on the remote computer and the guidence to sign for a session is given in "Short Guide to the Remote Antenna Lab".

In the laboratory assignment advanced antenna training system manufactured at Lucas-Nulle is used.


The exercises was before divided into demonstrations and home assignments. This year there will be no home assignments. The demonstrations will be given by Viet Thuy Vu.  The recommended problems will be available on the learning platform


The Scilab can be downloaded free here.



The project report should be writen in the report form (typing not hand-writing) and can be submitted electronically to All the details will be given on the learning platform.

Reading Instructions

Chapters Can be read briefly Recommended problems (3rd Edition)
1.1-1-5 1.3, 1.5
2.1-2.18 2.7 2.7,2.17,2.30b,2.69,2.89,2.91,2.94,2.95
3.1-3.8 -
4.1-4.9 4.9,4.22a,4.23a,4.48,4.51
5 all 5
6.1-6.13 6.9, 6.12 6.5,6.21,6.48
7.1-7.10 7.6-7.10 7.2,7.14,7.15
8.1-8.8 8.1-8.4 8.9,8.13
9,10,11 9, 10, 11
12, 13 - 12.1,12.8,12.10,13.2,13.8,13.12
14, 15 -

Note: Some changes may be made in the table above during the course.

Written Exams

There will is one written exam available on the learning platform. In the exam the will be tables available. At least the tebles given below will be available in the exam.

Table & app

Table with formulas



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