The tremendous advances in integrated circuits, transmission, and switching technologies have paved the way for the development of efficient radio communication systems. With the deployment of third generation mobile radio communication networks and the widespread use of wireless networks on business and home premises, delivery of multimedia services including voice, audio, images, videos, and data to subscribers has become a reality. In order to develop modern mobile radio systems that can reliably carry mobile multimedia services, an in-depth understanding of the concepts behind radio communications is needed.

This course provides therefore the foundations of radio communications and the technical concepts of mobile radio systems, including system design fundamentals, standards, and trends in radio communications. The course gives a comprehensive coverage of radio propagation scenarios, covers antennas in view of applications in radio systems, and provides an in-depth discussion of link budgets. It presents modulation, coding, and multiple access technologies for radio communication systems and gives examples where these radio transmission technologies are used. The cellular concept is addressed such that it can be applied for planning radio communication systems.

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