Applied Signal Processing ET1205 (ETB006)

Course information

  • Course is given as: Single subject course
  • ECTS points: 7,5 points
  • Level: B, 21-40 credit units
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering
  • Semester: Lp1-2 or Lp3-4
  • Net based course
  • Syllabus
  • Responsible teacher: Sven Johansson, (SJO), ING/AET

Course overview

The aim of the course is to provide a practical background in fundamental Digital Signal Processing using MATLAB. The course is a self-study course where several practical implementation exercises are introduced for in-depth study of fundamental Digital Signal Processing. The course focuses on elementary signals, input-output-signal-relations, filtering, transforms, frequency functions, measuring frequency contents in signals, spectrum estimation as well as FIR filter design and exercises in adaptive filtering.

Welcome to the course in Applied Signal Processing

You can start the course during the periods
Spring period :    Week 3-23
Autumn period :  Week 35-51

To register the course send an e-mail to responsible teacher

Course material

Compulsory Assignments (Grade 3/ECTS C)

No links, only information:

Chapter 1: Prep. Assignments 1.1-1.7, Assignments: 1.1-1.19
Chapter 2: Prep. Assignments 2.1-2.5, Assignments: 2.1-2.12
Chapter 3: Prep. Assignments 3.1, Assignments: 3.1-3.7
Chapter 4: Prep. Assignments 4.1 och 4.2, Assignments: 4.1-4.7

Assignments (English version)
Assignments (Swedish version)

Assignments for Grade 4/ECTS B and Grade 5 / ECTS A

Extra Assignment for Grade 4/ECTS B, FIR Filter Design
Extra Assignment for Grade 5/ECTS A, Applications in Adaptive Filtering

Course material

Collection of Formulas Signal Processing (English version)
Collection of Formulas Signal Processing (Swedish version)
Spectrum Estimation (English version)
Spectrum Estimation (Swedish version)
Matlab matrix help
Information about windows

MATLAB Scripts

A collection of useful M-scripts for the course:

  • ecg.mat
  • flattop.m
  • corr64.m
  • corr128.m
  • corr256.m
  • decon.m
  • h.mat
  • ls.m
  • avfalta.m
  • welch.m

Solutions for some Preparatory Assignments

Chapter 4


A list of books in Signal Processing and Matlab.


The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing


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