Signal Processing II ET1303 (ETC012)

Course information

  • The course is given for: The Computer engineering program, the Tele communication program and the Master program.
  • Credits: 7,5 credits (4p exam, 1p lab assignment)
  • Level: C, 41-60 credits
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering
  • Semester: Lp1 and Lp4 (see Academic year schedule)
  • Location: Karlskrona
  • Teacher Responsible: Muhammad Gufran Khan (MGK), ING-ASB, e-mail:, Nedelko Grbic (NGR), ING-ASB, e-mail:
  • Lab Assignment Supervisor: Imran Khan (IKH), ING-ASB, e-mail:
  • Examiner: Nedelko Grbic, (NGR), ING-ASB
  • Exam: see Students' Guide.
  • Syllabus (swe),(eng)

Here are the exam and the solutions for the exam 2011-06-09: Exam_20110609.

Here are the exam and the solutions for the exam 2009-10-29: Exam_20091029.

Course material

Some of this material may be in swedish!

Exercises (2nd, 3rd and 4th Edition)

Collection of formulas for ETC012 (Swedish)
Collection of formulas for ETC012 (English)
Extra introduction chapter

P. Eriksson Chapter 4
Spectrum Estimation
Some information about windows
Conversion between decimal and binary numbers
State Space Analysis and Structures

Cross-reference of Exercises table

Over Head Pictures

Spectrum Estimation


FIR and IIR assignments
Extra Assignments
Stochastic Processes

Answers to some assignments in Proakis/Manolakis

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Stencil with FIR and IIR assignments
Stencil with IIR filter assignments
Chapter 10
Extra assignments Eriksson (chapter 10)
Spectrum Estimation
Extra assignments
Stochastic Processes

Handwritten solutions to some assignments in Proakis Manolakis

Handwritten solutions

Solutions to some assignments

Assignment 3.8
Assignment 3.14g
Assignment 3.38d
Assignment 3.38e
Assignment 3.38g
Assignment 3.38h
Assignment 7.39a
Assignment 7.45a
Eriksson Assignment 4.4
Eriksson Assignment 4.8b

Lab Assignments

The two lab assignments are mandatory.

Laboration 1

Laboration 1 Assignments

Laboration 1 material download

Laboration 2 (English)
.m and .mat files for lab assignment 2

Save these files in your working catalouge on your network account

.mat files

The Killer Bandpass Filter

(Preparation Assignment)
Bandpass filter

Old exams
Exam from 061026

Exam from 071029

Exam from 080604

Exam from 081028
Exam from 090602
Exam from 090108


John G Proakis, Dimitris G Manolakis: Digital Signal Processing, 4th edition
ISBN: 0-13-187374-1

Collections of all English material can be found here

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