Vision signalbehandling

Research at the Department of Electrical Engineering (AET)

The purposes of the research at the department are to educate PhD and Licentiate (a half PhD degree in Sweden), feed back the research results into graduate and undergraduate education and also contribute to the development and growth of both the industry and the society in the region.

In order to meet these challenges the quality of research must be of highest national and international level. The research group is focusing their effort into two main areas of research Applied Signal processing and Radio Communication, both of these main areas contains several research projects. A large part of the research is done together with industry, since we strongly believe that industry knows what the real unsolved problems are. However, we are also doing fundamental research as well. These two different approaches complement each other very nicely. Our research results are published in international journals and conferences in order to verify that our research is indeed at a high national and international level.

Our research project have usually an international touch since several of our researcher are well known in their respectively research area. These researchers are often invited to “invited Speaker” or sessions chairman at international conferences.

For more information about our research projects please choose the appropriate link below.

Applied Signal Processing

Radio Communication




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