Sound and vibration analysis ET2431  (ET1301, ETC009)

Course information

  • The course is given for the programme: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Credit units: 7,5 ECTS units (4,5p exam, 3p laboratory assignments)
  • Level: D,
  • Subject: Electrical Engineering
  • Study term: Lp2
  • Place: Karlskrona
  • Responsible teacher: Lars Håkansson, (LHA), ITS. Tel.

    0733-...       , e-mail:

  • Exam: Home exam.

Course Overview

In the industry today there is a large demand for staff with good knowledge in technics of measurement applicable to solve sound and vibration problems. The involved mix of knowledge from acoustics, mechanics and signal analysis in this technics of measurement is a difficulty. This course and its continuation courses aim to provide detailed knowledge concerning the application of signal analysis for measurements of sound and vibration. The course treats; fundamental structural dynamics, sensor technique for sound and vibration measurements, DAT-tape recorders for data acquisition, the FFT-analyser's multitude of applications within the area, computer based systems for data acquisition and frequency analysis. Methods concerning analysis of rotating machines are also discussed in detail. In this course the theoretical knowledge acquired in previous signal processing courses are applied to examples from industrial applications of the technics.

Course material

Home exam (20100811) Will be available from 16.00 hour from the MT2407 VT10 Lp4 Experimental Mechanics 1  (MT2407) course home page on it's learning.


Material from the institution

Home assignments

The home assignments are mandatory.

Home Assignment 1

Home Assignment 2

Home Assignment 3

FRF estimation using finite element method

Solution to Home Assignment 1

Solution to Home Assignment 2

Solution to Home Assignment 3

Distance Manual

Lab Assignments

The three lab assignments are mandatory.

Lab Assignment 1
Lab Assignment 2
Lab Assignment 3

Obs! Instead of the Task 4.4 in the Lab Assigment 2 Tasks 8-12 from the Manual for Vibration Analysis with HP should be performed. These tasks should be done using Distance Vibration Lab. Please see Distance Manual for more information.

There are additional information available for the three laboratory assignments.

The presentation of the Lab Assignments will be held in Sound and Vibration Lab (room 8:1-204 SoftCenter, Ronneby) on the 8th of May 2009 from 10.00-12.00.

Manual for I-DEAS Test Program
Using I-DEAS Test

Script for importing Universal Files (UNV) to matlab

Lecture OverHead's

Lecture 1
Lecture 2-4
OH 3
OH 4
OH 5
Lecture 18 (13.4MB)


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