Research Overview


In the production and transportation of goods and services, systems based on e-transaction for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) have the potential of delivering new approaches to attain both industrial and societal goals. Potential systems utilize different types of sensor technology, cameras etc to collect for instance location based data, and transmit this data through telecommunication or satellite networks. Such data are received and processed on remote computers and feedback communicated to different mobile/fixed units as advisory, supportive, warning or even enforcement information. Such feedback information adds more value to transportation and is broadly referred to as Transport Telematic Services. The systems are called Telematic Application Systems (TAS). This study will broadly address potential approaches to attain industrial and societal goals from a TAS perspective. The evaluation of systems that can potentially host services achieving different types of societal and commercial goals (e.g. reduction of road accidents, of emissions, of thefts and of transport costs) will constitute a major focus. Methods that make use of simulation models, optimization models and other relevant approaches will be useful for analyzing transport telematic systems e.g. Road User Charging Systems, navigation systems, eCall etc.

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