E-Transactions for Heavy Goods Vehicles

This project is conducted under the Swedish National Research School (Forskarskolan) and coincides wih the primary aim of my research. Together with partners from the industry one of  the aims of this project is realise a prototype on E-Transactions telematic service for demonstration during the 16th ITS World Congress, 2009, in Stockholm. Read more about the E-Transaction project...

ICT for Cargo on Roads (Mobil IT)

Mobil IT is a project aimed at identifying important telematic service applications that can be integrated with other applications such as electronic fee collection and road user charging. In particular, developing services and technology to improve Heavy Vehicle Goods transport on roads is of profound importance. A careful analysis of candidate added value services sharing positioning (e.g. GPS) and communication (e.g. DSRC) functionalities is being studied. Read more about Mobil IT...

Intelligent Truck Parking (SMART LASTBILSPARKERING)

We propose a concept for Intelligent Truck parking (ITP) inspired by the specification of directive 2010/40/EU and work done in the EasyWay project. The concept focuses on the identification of relevant information about parking and associated facilities (occupancy level, restaurant etc) and parking demand from road users and professional HGV drivers or representatives. Information is then processed together and TTSs delivered to interested stakeholders. Thus the TTSs are intended to achieve an ITP concept based on:

  • Information exchange between road users, drivers and parking lot operators. Parking operators will provide information about parking occupancy rate and, road users and drivers will provide inputs to parking operators such as parking space reservations.
  • Gathering of information related to infrastructure statues e.g. from national road database (NVDB), traffic information and weather information systems etc.
  • Information  processing related to gathering, aggregation and extraction of useful information e.g. estimated parking duration, estimated time of arrival etc

The above information lays the foundation for realising ITP. The services resulting from ITP can facilitate planning of driving and rest time hence supporting HGV drivers to take informed decisions related to the choice of parking as required by directive 2010/40/EU. ITP services will also support parking operators to achieve a more effective management of parking places e.g. increased security and utilization.




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