Note: On January 1st 2014 UDSD (formerly IAW) became part of the new Department of Creative Technologies, within the Faculty of Computing at Blekinge Institute of Technology. This department is now in the process of developing a new, joint website. The IAW website you are currently looking at gives a historical overview of the IAW research group and their work.
Ongoing research and development projects 2014: Health in Hand.
IAW is a research group which in the spring of 2009 became part of the Game Systems and Interaction design research Lab (GSIL) at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Note: on December 20th 2011 the new research group User Driven Service Design (UDSD) had it's Kick-Off event. Read all about us at UDSD. UDSD is one of several specialized research groups within GSIL.

Note that although you will find new information about GSIL research on the GSIL web pages, the IAW pages are kept updated and available as a way to keep track of our history and disciplinary home base. The distance based Master of informatics programmes, which Blekinge Institute of Technology offers together with University West, Mid Sweden University and several other universities in the framework of our collaborative network INS - Informatics Network Sweden - are closely linked to the on-going research in e-government that we have been involved in developing during the past 15 years, and which is presented on the IAW pages. 

The research group Informatics and Work (IAW) combines research approaches and methods from Informatics and Human Work Science in studying use and design - and design in use - of information and communication technologies (ICT).
At Blekinge Institute of Technology, Informatics as a research area is classified as belonging within the broader discipline of Computer Science. Thus, within the School of Computing, we do our research across boundaries and at the frontiers of Computer Science and Human Work Science. Our research is design-oriented and is influenced by the Scandinavian tradition of Participatory Design.
Our main focus is on ICT in the public sector: e-services, e-administration and e-democracy, or what is jointly referred to as e-government. Since 2009, we have also become more and more involved in research on e-Health and in building up the new interdisciplinary research area Applied Health Technology at Blekinge Institute of Technology. In our research we explore the intricate inter­relationships of practice and theory. We study ICT design and use, striving to keep people and working relations, always, in the picture.
Figure showing relations of technology construction and use
The figure above gives a schematic overview of working relations of technology production and use concerning public e-services. In our research and development projects in e-government, we have used this figure to catch sight of and elicit the constantly on-going cooperation and networking that is necessary in order to make e-government happen (By permission from Y. Dittrich, published in Dittrich et al, 2003.)
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