WANTED IN THE WEST: BTH researcher of Informatics and Human work science

(The following is a rough translation of the Swedish press release from April 19th, 2006.)

Professor Sara Eriksén has now been employed as guest professor of Work Integrated Learning at the department of Economy and Informatics at University West, Uddevalla, Sweden. The guest professorship, which equals 20% of full time, opens up new possibilities for networking and cooperation between Blekinge Institute of Technology and University West.

University West, formerly the University of Trollhättan Uddevalla, was renamed on January 1st, 2006, as part of the process of moving to a shared campus in Trollhättan 2008. The university has a profile in Work Integrated Learning. One of the central disciplines behind this profile is informatics. On-going research in informatics at University West is oriented towards work practice and technology, and thus is closely related to the approaches applied within informatics/computer science and human work science at Blekinge Institute of Technology.

- We aim to develop new forms of strategic cooperation within rapidly growing application areas such as for instance e-government. I believe that small universities have an underestimated potential for cooperating as flexible nodes in larger knowledge networks. On a national level, we can certainly create larger and stronger research teams by cooperating than we would be able to accomplish each on our own, says Sara Eriksén.

Sara Eriksén sees her guest professorship at University West as an acknowledgement for the relevance of on-going research in informatics at Blekinge Institute of Technology. It is clear that what we have accomplished in Blekinge is visible and appreciated elsewhere. It is especially gratifying that our competence is called for in connection with a deliberate strategy to enhance on-going research in informatics at University West.

- Sara Eriksén is an important addition to our team to enhance informatics and the research we are doing here. Besides, her research is complementary to our profile in Work Integrated Learning, which gives us the opportunity to continue developing a stabile WIL environment at the university, says Lars Svensson, assistant professor in informatics and head of the Forum for Work Integrated Learning at University West.

Current research within computer science/informatics at Blekinge Institute of Technology aims to enhance knowledge of how people actually use - or don't use - information and communication technologies in everyday life. But also to make concrete use of this knowledge by developing theories, methods and processes concerning design, development and management of IT, so that it actually supports what we wish to accomplish in our work, our society and our lives.

"BTH-forskare efterfrågad..."     (the original press release)

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