Informatics and work - what we do

We do basic research. We do applied research. We do development.

We use the term "research and development" to encompass all three - basic research, applied research and development. We see all three as overlapping and interdependent forms of doing research. Over time, we believe that working in an interwoven way with basic research, applied research and development is the most sustainable way to achieve high quality research in combination with innovative technologies.

We believe it is the particular strength of small, profiled technical universities to be able to work across these three areas and make use of their overlapping as well as their differences to push technological development and theoretical understanding of technology design and use ahead.

"Basic research is the pacemaker of technological progress" (Vannevar Bush, Science - the Endless Frontier, 1945). We believe, however, that basic research, applied research and technological progress are part of the same heartbeat.

For examples of what this approach means in research practice and produce, explore our home pages further.

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