Putting IAW on the map

IAW is a research group within the Game Systems and Interaction Research Laboratory (GSIL), which is part of the School of Computing at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Our university has two campus areas in the county of Blekinge, one in Karlshamn and one in Karlskrong, We are situated at the campus in Karlskrona, Gräsvik. (The red circle furthest to the right on the detailed map below).Map of Sweden where Blekinge is high-lighted and presented in a separate enlarged picture

Different ways of getting here

Blekinge is a small county on the southeast coast of Sweden, known as "the Garden of Sweden" because of its mild climate and green forrests, parks and farmlands. By car, you can get here from Copenhagen in just over two hours, driving due east along route E22. By train and bus, the trip from Copenhagen takes around three hours. An alternative is to fly to Arlanda airport in Stockholm and from there to Ronneby airport (there are 5-6 connecting flights in each direction per day).  You can also get to Blekinge via ferry connections from Klaipeda, Liepaja and Gdynia.


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