Informatics and work - Research seminars
2009 - 2010

Combinded open research seminar series and Ph d course on Perspectives on APplied Health technology

This combined research seminar series and Ph D course was hosted by the School of Health Science (HAL) at Blekinge Institute of Technology and run by Sara Eriksén, within the framework of evolving interdisciplinary collaboration around the new research education area at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Applied Health Technology. For more information, see Perspektiv på Tillämpad Hälsoteknik (in Swedish).


The Transparency seminars

This interdisciplinary research seminar series/Ph D course has been jointly funded by the eParticipation project and the Faculty Board. The series has included the following guest lecturers, who have each attempted to explore, from their own research perspective, what it might mean to address transparency as an issue for IT design:


Mats Edenius, associate professor, Center for Information and Com­mu­ni­cation (CIC), Stockholm School of Economics. No_1 

2005-09-08: Jay Bolter, guest professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology during 2005. Professor of New Media and head of Center for New Media Research and Education, Georgia Tech University, USA. No_2
2005-10-25: Bridgette Wessels, research fellow and senior lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sheffield, UK, and invovled in developing ICOSS, Informa- tics Collaboratory for the Social Sciences. No_3
2005-11-16: Agneta Ranerup, associate professor of informatics at the IT University in Gothenburg, and Kerstin Grundén, associate professor of informatics at the university in Trollhättan/ Uddevalla. No_4 


Yvonne Dittrich, associate professor at the IT-University in Copenhagen, Denmark. No_5

For more information about the Transparency seminars, see Transparency 


The Accountability seminars

This research seminar series/Ph D course was run as part of the interdisciplinary research cooperation within the TANGO e-government arena. The seminar series was jointly run by Yvonne Dittrich and Sara Eriksén during the spring of 2002, and resulted in a number of conference papers and journal articles by various participants exploring accountability as an issue for IT design.

For more information about the Accountability seminars, see Accountability


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